Digital Stamp Card Add-on Pack

Keep your new and existing customers returning to your venue by encouraging them to use your venue-specific digital stamp card. Reward them with an offer that suits you. Issue digital stamp cards to an unlimited number of users.

£20.00 £15.00 / month and a £60.00 set-up fee


Works just like a traditional loyalty stamp card but lives on the customer’s phone – Everybody has their phone with them!

The digital Stamp Card is easy to use for both customer and venue. It will be available either as a link in your profile or via a micro-app* for your venue, and will be automatically downloaded to the customer’s home screen on their phone.

NOTE: After purchase we will contact you for the relevant details we need to set up your digital Stamp Card, including what you would like the reward to be.

The digital Stamp Card Add-on Pack includes:

  • A dedicated stamp card for your venue, with a loyalty reward of your choice
  • You decide what enables a customer to collect a stamp, eg value of visit
  • The card can only be unlocked by you (or your staff) to add stamps using your choice of password
  • The card is easily locked again with a click of a button
  • The customer can redeem their reward when they have collected 6 stamps on their card
  • The stamps will be cleared from the card when the offer has been redeemed, ready to be used again

* 50% off – If you would like your Stamp Card to be available to customers via a Micro-App, you can get one at half price when you buy the Stamp Card Add-on Pack. Just add the Micro-App to the basket to get the discount.