Feature in Local Glossy Magazine Advert

Get noticed when you’re featured in a DinnerData / DishDup! full page advert in your area’s local glossy magazine. Take advantage of this collaborative approach to advertising to make a bigger impact than having an individual ad of the same size.

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As part of DinnerData’s ongoing promotion of independent venues we can offer combined advertising space in your area’s local glossy magazine. We work with local magazine publishers to bring you an unbeatable offer that makes a bigger splash than you’ll get by going it alone.

Case Study: MK Pulse is a glossy magazine that goes out to 31,000 residences (est. 90,000 people) in the Milton Keynes area. We use the “go / do” mentality of DinnerData’s app, DishDup to promote Online Ordering, Table Booking and the Search for Offers & Vouchers at exclusively independent venues across the UK. It’s a great way to engage with consumers … and for you to stand up and get noticed!

Using MK Pulse Magazine as the current example, they reach a network of residents and businesses informing readers about local politics, new businesses, current business that are changing etc. They have a section on Food & Drink and publicise local events and produce many editorials. It is a monthly magazine that DinnerData has taken advertising space out with them and then split the costs across the independent venues that want the advertised that way. It’s very popular and successful.

Advertising costs consist of 3 different bands:

  • Large listing (includes: Image, Venue Name, Cuisine, Area and Address)
  • Medium listing (includes: Image, Venue Name, Area, Cuisine)
  • Small listing (includes: Venue Name, Area)

NOTE: Contact us if you would like more details or are interested in any other type of advertising that you think we may be able to help with. All design work is done by DinnerData. Print and delivery is done by the glossy magazine in your local area.

We have tried hard to keep the costs at the minimum so that we can pass down the benefits to the venues, working together in this way helps with a bigger, wider approach to advertising that is hard to pay/design/deliver as an independent on their own nut is easier when we all come together.

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Large ad listing (includes: Image, Venue Name, Area and Address), Medium ad listing (includes: Image, Venue Name, Area), Small ad listing (includes: Venue Name, Area)